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The Best Vintage Barber Chairs

Vintage barber chairs are very classy and special. These vintage classics are very comfortable and usually have elaborate designs. Imagine, sitting on a vintage barber chair and thinking about the many people who have sat down in it years and years ago. Vintage barber chairs are usually very expensively priced collector’s item. One of the most famous brands of vintage barber chair is Koken. Barber chairs from Koken are extremely valuable and are made in elaborate designs.

There are not too many vintage barber chairs now that can be bought in Vintage stores or EBay because some of these barber chairs have been put up in Museums while others have been bought by professional buyers. However, there are replicas that you can buy that will only cost you a hundred of dollars unlike real vintage chairs that will really cost you for thousands of dollars. There really is something about these vintage barber chairs; it gives a classy feel to your barber shop. This can also draw the attention of your customers and will gain you more customers in the long run.

Vintage barber chairs come with foot and arms rests, hydraulics and swivel for comfort and convenience. You can also find a person who sells vintage barber chairs, however, it is said that it is best if you get a 2nd source for the appraisal to make sure of its authenticity and if the seller is really giving the best price for the value of the chair. Since there are too many replicas out there, you need to know the difference between a replica and an original one. One tip: It is very hard to find vintage barber chairs nowadays and it will cost you a hefty price so if one seller is offering his vintage barber chair for such a low price, take a hint, and you will know that it’s a replica.

When buying valuable vintage items especially vintage barber chairs, it is always best to ask for professional advice in order for you not to be ripped off. Vintage barber chairs are really worth it but it comes in a very expensive price. Dedicated barbers are usually the people who buy vintage barber chairs. It is fascinating to know how these barber chairs have evolved into different types nowadays. In the early days, there is only one type of vintage barber chairs but used in different purposes. In our modern days today, barber chairs are commonly used in salons, barber shops, salons and tattoo parlors. So, if you plan to buy vintage barber chairs, ask for professional advice first to assure you that your money will be spent wisely and you will be investing wisely.

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  1. New York based Restoration artist,
    Custom Barber Chairs
    Parts for Koken, Kochs, Belmont, Paider.
    Plateing, Chrome, Nickle,

  2. Hi! I have had a Koch barber chair for years that I bought in a secondhand store in Vancouver, Canada, it is light green enamel, nickel plated metal and black leather seat. I would like to know the age of it, I think it is pretty old, on the bottom of the leather seat is a number plate that says when referring to this chair quote this number. The factory number is 255826. Would that be helpful in determining the age of the chair……………/thanks…jack

  3. HI!!! I bought a TAKARA barber chair that works up/down/turns/tilts and is is great shape, but is missing the two chrome attachments for the upper footrest that attaches to the bottom rest. My chair needs rechroming also. Anyone know where I might obtain these chrome attachments? Also where is the best/cheaper place to rechrome. I live in Ontario Canada at the start of Lake Superior…. Colin Nelson.


  4. Want to sell came out of olds barber shop in Abbeville s.c don’t see anything but Belmont on pump

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