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Old Barber Chairs: Where to Get One?

Are you planning of getting some old barber chairs? Are you going to set up your own salon or maybe spa? If you are in a tight budget but still would like to get something nice for your shop then you’d better settle for some second hand tools that are not only cheap but still work well.

Before your start your salon, it is important that you gather all your stuff first. Make sure that you have al the necessary cutting tools such different kinds of hair scissors, combs, blow dryer, shampoos and conditioners, towels and most of all the barber chair. There are actually lots of designs and styles to choose from. There are traditional chairs and even those European chairs are both great selection. These are both made with hydraulic base so you can easily raise and lower down the chair for the comfort of your client. Traditional chairs are made form vinyl or leather like materials. These are most common style of barber chair used in salons and spas. European chairs are probably the most elegant kind of barber chair available in the market today. It is made from vinyl and has a wooden arm rest and leatherette headrest. This is use usually in spa as it looks more elegant and expensive than those traditional or contemporary barber chairs. There are lots of online shops offering second hand barber chairs. These chairs are still in good condition but to make sure that you will only get the best one, it is important to compare one chair to another. Never settle for the first chair you will come across. You can also obtain second hand barber chair from salons or spas that are closing down. They usually sell their tools and chairs in very affordable price. Sometimes it will only require mild mending of the foam and upholstery. If you are lucky enough, you may even get more discounts and some freebies form the owner. These styles and designs of chairs will not only make your salon or spa more comfy looking but it will also add up drama and flair to your business plus the fact that it is less expensive compare to new ones. Just imagine what these old chairs will appeal to your customers? The idea of having antique items on your shops is enough to gather more customers. They will even probably feel and think that maybe, just maybe someone famous had sit down on that same chair a long time ago. So if you are really up to having a salon or spa, make sure to get some old barber chairs especially if you are in a tight budget. But if you have enough capital for your business, then go for something brand new.

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  1. looking for re-conditioned barber chairs
    for a vintage barber shop

  2. Hello,

    My father was a barber for 52 years. His barber chair is one that I will never forget. Unfortunately, it got away before I could get my hands on it. It had to old fashioned leather strap on the side to sharpen the straight edge razor. I am looking for a replacement, picture as well as an old fashioned barber pole. Would love to know where to get one. Looking forward to hearing from you. Evan M. Hockett

  3. I have a Louis Hanson “Lions Head” barber chair that looks absolutely superb.

    I will be glad to send you a photo, then, make me an offer I can’t refuse


  4. forrester henriksen

    I have an old (1925?) Hanson, fancier than most in the pictures I’ve searched on the web. Let me know if you want pictures?

  5. forrester henriksen
  6. looking for a vintage old barbers chair has anyone got one for sale ? would love to see pictures? wing me them over if you have

  7. looking for parts to a louis hanson barber chair????

  8. I have a Koken barber chair from the 1930’s.I’m a retired barber and have used this chair in my business.Every thing is original and works well and is in mint condition.I still use it in my basement.I might consider selling it at the right price.Anybody interested can e-mail me at elarri@ shaw.ca. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. rUSS


  10. (:

  11. I have an old barber chair that I have had for about 40 years. I restored it after I got it from an old shop in Crab Orchard, Tenn. All parts were either replated with nickel or antique brass and the upholstered parts were done in an old tapestry material. It works fine, going up & down as well as reclining. The name on it is E.Berninghaus & Co.
    Cinn, OH. It also has “Hercules” on the footrest.The hydraulics case says Pat.May 8, 1901.I have pic’s if you are interested.

  12. i am looking for 5 barber chairs does any one have any for sell let me know or email me at ledfordsbarbershop5@yahoo.com thanks my name is bobby

  13. I have an older Belmont with medium green for sale…needs some work. email me if you are interested. Thanks.

  14. Yes I am from Youngstown,Ohio and I nowhere two old barber chairs are looking to sell. They are my friends fathers fathers chair head rest a d everything there he is interested I. Selling contact me for more I fo and pics

  15. E mail is thrseasons@yahoo .com

  16. 2 paidar black w/ cushionsat,with swing seat on base, consectiative ser.#52433, 52434. plus 1969 koken burgandy,w/ headrest all excellent being used in my business,retiring old.

  17. I have one i want to sell its in great condition. Its white the hydos work and says may 8 1901 date on it and the E berninghaus co

  18. Where are you located? How much do you want for the chair? Do you have the headrest? Thank you,

  19. Dear Anna,with the berninghaus. Where are you located? How much do you want for the chair? Do you have the headrest? Thank you,

  20. I have an old E. Berninghaus, Co. Barber Chair and I am trying to find out what year it might be. Is there a website or somewhere on the chair that might help me figure this out. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. We have been moving it around the county since 1972.


  21. Anna…..
    Where on the chair is the date located?

  22. I have a E. berninghaus “Hercules” barber chair in excellent condition. It is white porcelain with brown seats. It is in working condition, and includes the headrest. If you are interested, email me for pictures.

  23. I sell many different barber chairs, Belmont, Koken, Kochs, Paider. I have parts as well as finished chairs in many different price ranges.
    Call 917-553-1619
    or email for pics

  24. I have a f&f koenigkramer chair with old fashioned leather strap for sale. Unable to find serial number.I have found very similar ones selling for well over $1000. email me if you wold like pics.
    —-Located in Chicago—-


  25. New York based Restoration artist,
    Custom Barber Chairs
    Parts for Koken, Kochs, Belmont, Paider.
    Plateing, Chrome, Nickle,
    We also sell Antique Barber Chairs

  26. I have a porcelain and burgundy Koch’s Barber Chair, 1930’s-1940’s in very good condition…I’m in Fredericksburg, VA…I can send pics…email me at: bghammen@verizon.net Thanks!

  27. We have a model 1901 Hercules by Berningshaus but we’re missing the bottom foot plate. It looked like a grate that went over the oak. We have the foot rest. Any ideas on where to find one? Please email at gsjusty@verizon.net
    Thanks a million.

  28. Looking for 3(three) Koch, Koken or Paidar chairs for a new shop in Jackson Hole Wyoming. Any info would be great. Thank You so much. David ‘whiskey’ Johnson

  29. I have a Paidar barber chair in the Oshkosh, WI area. The chair itself is in great shape but I don’t think the hydrolics work. Anyone interested please email me at colleen.sosinski@gmail.com

  30. My parents have a Koken antique barber chair. It is brown leather with headrest, chrome and ivory. It is in excellent condition. They live in Kokomo, IN. If interested I can send pictures.

  31. Hi Debbie I was wondering if yo could send pics of your koken chair that is if it’s still available. tragone102@gmail.com

  32. Does anyone know exactly where the patent date is on a 1930’s Koken barber chair. I hear on the underside of seat frame but wondering if anyone really knows exactly. Thanks in advance.

  33. I have a 1901 Hercules 1901 barber chair Made in Ohio.I Need to sale> It has been completely restored. I had intention of opening my shop, but with the ecomony in bad shape my shop has been on hold.

  34. Im a young master barber taking over a old school shop.Already have two vintage chairs but looking for more.The new ones are crap.I would like to keep the barbering traidition carrying on with that old school look and feel.So please! any of u guys that are retiring or just selling some. Please e-mail me or call. Tommy (504)704-7047. Thanks

  35. Tommy, I have a Louis Hansen Barber chair for sale. Twin Lakes, WI e-mail me if you are interested – jodibutles@yahoo.com

  36. I have a Barber chair manufactured by The E. Berninghaus Co. of Cincinnati Ohio. Everything works,but not sure sure of the age. If interested I can furnish phots.

  37. I want to buy used barber chair, please send the pics to me. tq

  38. I want to buy 2 or 3 barber chairs, please send me the pics n price to indrarusli@yahoo.com, thanks

  39. we have close to 100 chairs avail for sale or trade

  40. I looking for the part to make a berninghaus chair recline. Any ideas where I might find one? Thanks

  41. Have a beautiful antique Berninghaus for sale, 1901, all parts intact and working. Red plush (Mohair?) upholstery, chrome in very good condition, a few chips off the porcelain arms. Overall excellent condition. Am happy to entertain offers.

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