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More Details on a Vintage Barber Chair

Are you planning of buying some barber chairs for your salon? Are you considering some vintage barber chairs? Do you know where you can obtain such? If not then this article will give you more ideas about this particular kind of chair.

Did you know who invented the first barber chair? It was Ernest Koken, born in Germany on 1906. Since his father passed away, he was forced to quit school and leave his homeland. He and his mom live in US since then. He was an artist and while he was working on a barber shop, he developed a reclining chair and it was such a big hit since then. You probably have seen lots of “Koken name’ engraved in different types of barber chairs nowadays.

The durability and design of every Koken barber chair is unique that people don’t hesitate to pay thousand of dollars juts to get an original vintage barber chair such as this. Now let’s go to the types of barber chairs. Actually there are lots of types you can choose from. There are the traditional type, Facial tables and European chair. Each of this chair has its own uniqueness and of course its own price. Usually traditional type and facial tables are a lot cheaper compare to European chairs. So what are the differences between the three types of vintage barber chairs? Traditional Type This type of barber chair is the most common type of al and it comes with hydraulic. This type of chair will allows the person to raise and lower down his chair as he finds the right and comfortable position he wants. Usually you can find this type of chair in vinyl or leather like materials with chrome base. Facial Tables This kind of chair are normally used in salons and spas and most called as spa chair. This kind of chair can be easily reclined so that the customer can lay down while the technician do her work. It also has hydraulic so it can be easily adjusted to what the customer wants. It can be easily lowered own or raise up. This chair is adjustable so it can be easily adjusted according to what the customer wants. European chair As I stated above, this chair is a lot expensive than the two types of barber chairs. This is made from hard vinyl and wooden armrest. It also comes with hydraulic base so it can be easily lower down or raise up according to what the customer wants. This chair is adjustable and it comes with a headrest for more comfy. You will usually see this kind of chair in expensive salons and spa. There are lots of designs to choose from. There are those contemporary and vintage designs. These kinds of chairs are being sold online and from there you can make some comparison and read more product reviews. These factors are important before you buy the first vintage barber chair you see on the net.

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  1. Allstar Dental Inc

    I would like information on ordering one of the chairs. One of our doctors is interested in buying one and we would like to know the pricing on that.

    Thank You.

  2. Hello! I would appreciate any information on the background ie Year, Origin, Value etc on a Urquhart & Son Barber Chair? Cheers & Thanks Jacki

  3. Ernest Koken didn’t invent the barber chair; he merely created (but didn’t invent) a hydraulic chair and patented a “joystick” lever to work it. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barber_chair

  4. i have a antique beardsley barbershop chair and i cant find out its value beardsley mfc in chicago isnt anywhere can anyone tell me something about it

    • I also have a beardsley chair and cannot find any information to finish restoration. Anyone know anything about Beardsleys?

  5. I dont think the koken chair was the first barber chair? But wich one was it? and year pleas

  6. Hello everyone, i am currently offering complete repair and restoration of any barber chairs with the exception of the wooden ones, i have yet to come across one to restore for myself before i dabble with someone elses. However, paidar, koken, belmont, hercules, kochs, star, or any i havent said i can do. When i’m thru your chrome will be brand new, upholstery of your color choice and entire chair will look as good as it did when it came from the factory. prices do vary. highest prices are based on repairs, everyone knows that parts are not made anymore so i would have to or have them fabricated, but thats worst case scenario. with pictures and a general discription of your chair i should be able to give you a pretty close estimate. i am located in massillon, ohio(near canton, ohio home of the pro football hall of fame)if you have any questions you can email me or call…330-575-1950 hintyt@yahoo.com thx joe

  7. I do metal refinishing for barber chairs, most makes and models that have metal frames. We also can restore the entire chair to nearly new condition. Call for free estimates for 1 piece or the whole chair restoration. Several years experience in metal refinishing. 863-640-0079

  8. g’day mates
    i collect scrap metal and today i picked up an old cast iron
    barber chair…. it has very poor lether work…. it has a circular bace yellow in color…. its arms both swing up
    seperatly…. it has four peddles which i have not worked out what they do yet…. its raise/lower is machanical
    not hydrolic….. its too good to send to the scrap yard
    does anyone have any ideas where to find out what i have
    and who may be interested in it…. i collect militaria
    and always open to swop
    yours ri8chard gunter

  9. I have 2 Theo A. Kochs barber chairs with round seats. In
    very good shape. Each has it’s factory number on a small tab nailed to the oak boards on the bottom of the seats. Numbers 146316 and 146318. Am wondering how old they are.
    I saw a fellow had one in his porch when I was growing up and he used to sit there and read the paper & watch TV.
    That was 65 years ago and now I can do the same.

  10. I an a local restoration artist based in new your city.
    I would love to answer any questions or assist in your restoration.

  11. Looking for someone in the San Francisco Bay Area who can restore a chair for me, it’s Ritter Dental circa 1915, will need new upholstery, enamel and maybe chrome.

  12. have a barber chair(koken I would guess the mfg date to be about 1920) trying to remove the trim rings on the base. problem is i don’t see how to remove the pump arm.(description of pump arm) traditional right side pump action, recline action is accomplished by raising knob on pump arm. have removed cotter pin for hyd pump, removed recline rod and twin machine screws w/springs,,,help is there a phone # i can use to speak with someone? thank you very much 2nd problem need to repair the hyd won’t keep the chair in the raised position, it is a 1961 kocks, where are parts available?

  13. New York based Restoration artist,
    Custom Barber Chairs
    Parts for Koken, Kochs, Belmont, Paider.
    Plateing, Chrome, Nickle,

    • Hello, I am restoring a Koken chair and don’t know how to get handle apart to have re chromed.The arm does not lock out to hold in recline position. I took it apart and shaft with the button that pushes out was frozen. Got unfroze but still does not lock. Can I purchase a restored handle from you?
      THANK YOU!

  14. Looking for a restoration place in NYC area for my Koken chairs… pls contact me Ralph # 917-939-7101 … asap !!!

  15. looking for a person/company that could restore an old barber chair. I don’t have the brand of the chair in front of me at the moment,but can get the information. I live in southern maryland, chair is located in Bowie Maryland. It is very heavy with a porcelin base. Leather is in need of repair, and metal which I think is originaly brass needs polishing, base has some rust around the rim of it where there is metal, porcelin in okay shape. If someone could recommend a restoration place, I would be grateful, as my parents 50th anniversary is coming, and would like to have it done for them as a gift. thanks

  16. Yes Lisa
    We restore many different antique barber chairs
    please email at custombarberchairs@gmail.com
    or call me at 917-553-1619

  17. how repair hyd 1920 barber chair dosent raise.thankyou.

  18. I have several old barber chairs and I am looking for a restoration company in So. California

  19. I was recently given a Hanson Barber chair that is in need of some TLC. I am looking for any information on Age or replacement parts. I am looking for someone in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that does restoration work.

  20. I have a Koenigkramer barber chair for sale. Great shape.


  21. am wanting to sell an arly 1900’s barber chair from spain… it says D. BEYA on the foot rest.. please call with any assistance in finding out its worth and if it should be restored… 817-217-1262

  22. I have a pair of Emil J. Paidar Company, chairs in excellent condition. There are no tears in the leather and no missing parts. I am curious as to their value. I am thinking of selling them

  23. I have a koken chair that needs to be restored. How do I get in touch with you. thanks, Gary

  24. Hi, I also have a barber chair D.Beya, please e mail If you are interested….

  25. I have 4 chairs 3 Kochs and 1 Koken from the early 1900’s. $3000 for all. In very nice condition. Text or call me at 843-817-3737

  26. I have a nice Koken Barber chair for sale call Amy (801)991-0668 will text picture

  27. I have a 1961 ritter dental model b in working codition text or call me at 6077257117

  28. Have a balma barber chair white porcelaine is there a site to find the age and parts? I think it is made in japan?

  29. I have an early 1900’s barber chair that needs restorating completely. Wood carving on the sides and wood on the base(done on the base is missing). The only parts missing is the hand rests at the end of the arms and the metal is rusted. I do not know the brand name of the chair. I live in northern Mississippi and I would like a rough estimate of how much it would cost to redo the chair.

  30. I am looking for someone to help restore my barber chair in the Philadelphia area. Will travel to surrounding area.

  31. looking for someone to restore 2 old koch barber chairs in the dallas fort worth area

  32. I have a 1902 Ritter BARBER Chair, yes, I know, they make Dental chairs mostly, but have this awesome Barber chair and will sell for $7,000. everyhnng works perfectly and has cast iron base. 813-892-0284. Melbourne, FL.

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