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Louis Hanson Barber Chair

This company, based in Chicago (like most barber chair companies), has a strong background in building high quality barber chairs.

As you might know, reclining barber chairs came on the scene during the early 1880s. The Louis Hanson company was one of the first companies to start building and selling barber chairs. During the late Victorian era and on into the early 1900s, highly decorative oak and walnut in combination with fancy cast-iron barber chairs were found in the most prestigious barber shops.

Today we don’t have many records about the Louis Hanson Company, its long days of manufacturing chairs are gone, but we can still find lots of antique Hanson barber chairs for sale, with the finest quality.

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  1. I have a cast-iron Louis Hanson barber chair (circa 1909)in fairly good condition (the vinyl seat is ripped). Can anyone tell me how much it would be worth?

  2. i have either a plaque that went on there building or a footrest for there chairs that states(Louis Hanson Patented Chicago) any info Would Help.

  3. I have a cast-iron Louis Hanson barber chair. In in good condition the leather is a bit worn. Can anyone tell me how much it would be worth?

  4. Jose, I need a foot rest for my chair. It would be a single arm that comes of the main foot rest. Is that what you have?

  5. B Carter…Your chair will sell from $200-1500 depending on the condition. If your leather, nickel and porcelain is in good shape and your crank / pump works, that could bring much more. I am currently looking for an extened foot rest for mine. If yours has one and you are willing to part with it, I would be interested in offering you $ for it. Some people don’t care about the foot rest as they do stick out limiting the swivel mobility if space is a consideration.

  6. for Jose your plaque is probably a step plat for a chair, I would be interested as I need one

  7. I have a louis hanson “Lions Head “chair that was in bad need of tlc. I’ve redone the hydraulics, cleaned up the oak and removed as much tobacco off the copper. It looks absolutely supurb.I will be glad to send a picture to anyone who is interested.


  8. Hi some say that koken was the first in 19 can some body explain for me exatly who was fist. tanx

  9. I would like to see a picture the barber shop chair you have from the Louis Hanson Company! It is my mother’s grandfather who started the company; her father, brother, and uncles also worked for it. The company made beautiful furniture, but I did not realize they had also made barbership chairs! Thanks.

  10. I have a hanson chair that I am interested in redoing because it is so rare, does any one know if this chair was chrome or nickel?


  12. i have a verybeautiful Loois Hansen barberchair that was passed to me by a good friend. i have little knoledge of these kinds of items but i know she paid $500.00 for it about 7 or 8 yrs ago and now im looking to sell it. i guess my question is, would you be interested in it or perhaps know some one that would. i would like to put it back in the hands of some one who would love it as much as she did. you may contact me via email or (580) 222-5463 thank you.

  13. i have a Louis Hanson that is almost complete…i need a headrest and footrest…if anyone is willing to sell some parts or point me in the right direction i would really appreciate it! i can’t seem to find anything! Louis Hanson chairs seem pretty rare…rtalley84@gmail.com

  14. we have inherited a hanson barber chair from the early 1950’s in good condition with footrest and 2 headrests and would like to sell – how much would it be worth?

  15. i have a louis hanson barber chair does anyone know how i can date this chair and get a vaule

  16. I just purchased one and need some help…it appears I may have something missing underneath the chair. Is there any way you could take a photo of the underside mechanics of a working Hanson chair so I can compare it to mine? I know I have a broken cast piece, that piece has a hole on the end of it that appears to be missing. The piece that is broken sits underneath the rod that reclines the chair back. Also, do you know if the swivel function is operated by hydraulics? I need someone to look at the hydraulics because it will not go up or down either. Ant help you could provide would be greatly appreciated! harleysqueez@hotmail.com

  17. Hanson barber chair part needed…I need the arm that holds the extended foot rest if anyone has one…Need leather strap also…

  18. intresting in barber chair & restoring

  19. If anyone can help, I need a diagram or something that will show me how to be able to put pump handle and the rod that goes to the back together. Also, all of the parts that go under the seat. It is a 1909 Hanson. It was patent Oct. 5, 1909.

  20. Jerry Couture
    If you could, send a picture of the underneath part and the whole chair and email to me. My husband took ours apart (too many years ago) and can’t remember where everything goes! I’ve been on the web a lot to try to find info on this. If you don’t mind sending us a picture or two, we’d appreciate it! Thanks!

  21. Hello all,
    Im currently doing a restoration on my chair and would like to find out the year if possible. Bev, I have some photos of the dissasemble if you need although im not sure there the same as yours? markgrote1@gmail.com

  22. I own a barbershop and am a master barber. I recently had my antique quartersawn oak and leather 1880’s hanson chair restored. It is stunning…fully operational and solid. I would love to actually use this piece of history but frankly..there are alot of fat people that would prolly break it.

  23. I have a Louis Hanson barber chair in working condition. Swivels, adjustable height, reclines, removeable adjustable head rest with paper and foot rests. Hydraulic. Covering needs recone. On back of haed rest says “The Empaco”. Porcelain in great shape. I need to know how to fine year and value. Have pictures. farm491-bc@yahoo.com

  24. I have a Louis Hanson barber chair in working condition. Swivels, adjustable height, reclines, removable adjustable head rest with paper and foot rests. Hydraulic. Covering needs redone. On back of head rest says “The Empaco”. Porcelain in great shape. I need to know how to find year and value. Have pictures. farm491-bc@yahoo.com

  25. I would like advice on how to best advertise a beautiful antique Louis Hanson oak hydraulic barber chair for sale. Beautifully done in a red/burgundy diamond tufted velvet. The chair is fully functional: revolving 360; elevates and descends; and reclines. I have not personally seen another chair as nice as this one, in person or online. Suggestions on sales price and how to advertise or referrals to other parties would be appreciated. I will use the sale proceeds to pay a portion of my graduate/seminary expenses at Moody.

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