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F F Koenigkramer Barber Chairs

Known mainly for manufacturing superior quality barber chairs, the F&F Koenigkramer Company in Cincinnati, Ohio was founded by two sons of a german inmigrant in the States.

After many years developing and selling barber chairs, they moved into the business of hydraulic equipment, chairs, and stools used in the optical and dental industries. They got to be pretty well known among dentists for its superior quality and design. In 1968 the F. & F. Koenigkramer Company of Cincinnati, Ohio was bought by Dentists' Supply (guess what their business was ;-), which later on would become Dentsply International Inc. In 1982 Dentsply sold its Koenigkramer equipment manufacturer. Nowadays, a company called Reliance Medical Products, Inc is what there's left of the formerly F&F Koenigkramer, Inc. Tha name "Koenigkramer" got definitely lost in 1987, when it was incorporated to Reliance Medical Products Inc. They nowadays operate as a subsidiary of Haag-Streit Holding U.S., Inc. Even when it's long ago since they manufactured one, you can still find today Koenigkramer Barber Chairs on some auctions, local antique stores or webs like ebay or craigslist...

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  1. I have a Reliance Equipment (chair) serial # 51685 would like to inqurire what was the techincal use it was used for? If you have any history or what year this was made I would appreciate any feed back. There is an F&F Koenigkramer CO. tag also attached on the bottom.

    Thank You

  2. I have an F F Koenigkramer barber chair with headrest and functioning hydraulics. I cannot find the serial number but I do know that the chair was purchased at least 55 years ago by my grandfather. It is in decent condition except for a rip in the head rest. Could you give a “ball park” estimate of the value of this chair.
    Thank You,
    Jim Metzgar

  3. My dad was a barber in the 1950’s. He purhchased a FFKoenigkramer chair in 1954. It is in perfect working order with the original parts. The leather seat and footrest are in great condition. I also have the booster seat and leather strap. Can you give me a rough estimate the value of this barber chair?

  4. Just bought a old F F koenigkramer chair and was wondering what kind of oil to use.

  5. I’m sorry that I can’t answer that question, but I need the answer, too. If you find out, please email me—rrshaffer02@yahoo.com. Thanks. Rick

  6. Looking to purchase an older barber chair.

  7. I have a chair. 1940’s, I believe. Email me if you are interested and I will send you a couple pictures.

  8. I have a Reliance barbers chair.Serial # G 527.
    Would like any info you may have and if I can get parts.

  9. Hello I have a reliance mdl 980 srl 10317 ex shape I am looking to sell do you have any suggestions for me . 2 foot controls / controls on back also / light on back / everything works . Thanks Pete

  10. I have a “Reliance” Treatment Chair (Koenigkramer Co.)
    Serial #39172 In very good condition with side instrument trays, adjustable leg and feet supports, reclining back, and other hydralic capabilities. It also has original back,seat, and leg/foot supports covering in great shape. What would something like this be worth and would you an avenue to sell it, It is a nice chair!

    • I have one in black from 1898 with all the tags etc. and it’s in a remarkable state. Just wondering what it’s worth. The leather cover looks all original. It is well constructed and has the tray on the side. Anything that you may know about it would be appreciated.

  11. My dad recently passed away. He has the F&F Koenigkramer barber’s chair. It is not assembled, and I can’t seem to find the serial number. Is it possible to get instructions on how to re-assemble it? It is in really good condition.

    Thank you.


    • I have one too. I can’t find the number either. Let me know if you figure it out.

      • I have a barber chair, black leather, Reliance, Serial Number 51174, found on the back of the completely upholstered backrest…if not there, yours redone?? Different year/model? I can’t find a year of manufacture, anyone??

  13. I too am looking for a serial number. Let me know if you have found the answer!

  14. looking for a brake part for a 1961 reliance model.help

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