Antique Barber Chairs

Antique barber chairs are becoming ever more popular among collectors. Truth be told, there are not so many available these days. If you are interested in owning one either for your business or your home, you will probably have to do a little more research on the Internet. This site aims to bring together antique barber chair enthusiasts so that you’ll have a place to discuss anything about the subject.

As you probably know, the first barber chair was developed by Ernest Koken in 1906. Allowing the barber to adjust the chair, depending on the height of the person, may seem like a simple process. Interestingly, it was a total innovation at that time. In addition, the barber could also turn the custome using a swivel. Both the footrest and the reclining back were a welcome addition. All these features were very handy to the barber at some point in the beginning of the 19th century.


What Makes Antique Barber Chairs So Special?

It’s difficult to tell, but there’s something magical about an old barber chair. You can sit on one, close your eyes, and imagine yourself getting a haircut one hundred years ago. That nostalgic feeling is simply irresistible. They are also stylish (not like the chairs you’ll find at modern hair salons nowadays). And believe it or not, these barber chairs are really comfortable even if they were made over a century ago!


The Most Famous Barber Chairs

As mentioned previously, the first barber chair was built by Koken. Therefore, antique Koken barber chairs are usually the most popular as well as the most valuable. Other well known brands are Koch, Belmont, Emil J. Paidar, and Weber.


Where Can I Buy An Antique Barber Chair?

If you’re lucky, somebody near you might have one for sale. Quite often, you will have to look for these kinds of barber chair at auctions and antique shops.


How Much Do They Cost?

It would typically depend on the brand, the state of the barber chair, and the materials used among others. Prices normally range from a few hundred bucks to several thousand dollars.


Original or Replica?

If you want to save some money, you can always go for the replica. Although it’s also kind of magical to sit on an original antique barber chair and imagine that your great grandfather would have been sitting on it.

If you want to learn more, hang out with fellow collectors.

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  1. I have a antique barber chair I would like to sell. It is in very good shape. Any suggestions on how to sell it?
    Thanks for your time!

  2. What kind how much??

  3. How much and where are u

  4. Misty Springer

    I have an antique barber chair. It’s white vinyl with chrome on armrest with “B” emblem. The base is diamond shaped, with a chrome footrest with Belvedere scribed across it. Chair is in great condition. Any suggestions on how to get more information about it and how to sell it.

    Thanks so much!!!

  5. Hey if your looking for finished Antique barber chairs or just searching for parts to take on your own project please give me a call. I have tons of chairs from the top 4 makers, Koken, Kochs, Paider & Belmont.


  6. I just picked up and brought home a chair that my grandfather had for a very long time. the foot rest says “E. Berninghaus” and the upper foot rest says “climax”.It is mainly made of wood which was painted over very sloppily. Does anyone know if it it worth me trying to restore? most of the leather is good and it did pump up and down ( lost fluid while carrying ). Seems to be missing a mechanism possible that allows the chair to recline. Anyone? Thanks

  7. If it’s worth it to you then it’s always worth the restoration, it will cost some cash, but i suggest you go for it.

    The recline mechanism is the tension bar at the bottom of the chair,

  8. Hello! I have an antique Belmont barber chair. The head rest still has the paper roll still in it, ash tray, as well as hole on each side to attach the childs booster, although i dont have that extra piece.Everything is in working order, just wondering if i should put it up for sale on kijiji, craigs list, or ebay, and for how much..

  9. ( I’m from Ontario, Canada )

  10. I just purchased a great koken child barber chair.I’am trying to find the gentleman who makes reproduction wood horse heads that go on the front of the chair….can anyone help me……thanks so much…..Randall

  11. Hey Randall I have a friend that can make the head for ya give me a call

  12. my name is jose i have 1 barber chair koken and 1 paidar built in 1940,s 1950,s for sale both whith head holder asking price $ 1600 each o $3000 for both please call 562 320 43 00

  13. both chairs are in perfect condition ” atention collectors”562 320 43 00

  14. I have two (2) Koken Barber Chairs, matching. They need minor repairs. The chairs are nineteen-thirty’s, I’m looking to sell,FIRM-6000 for both.

  15. Hello, I have a 1920’s style Theo a Koch barber chair with all original parts. The chair was used privately and does not have too much wear on it. The leather in the seats will most likely need to be replaced but other than that the chair is in good shape for being almost 100 years old. If anyone is interested please email me. (I can send photos as well through email)

  16. Sorry I forgot to add my email address in my previous post,

  17. Please send asking price for original
    barbers chair in good to excellent conditions
    working with all parts attached

    Thank you


  18. Any information on Rayette chairs? Thanks!

  19. I NEED HELP!! I have just purchased a ’55 Koken chair. Coming with the deal was a stool that attaches to a 24″ cast iron ring for a barbers chair to sit on. It seem to be for the barber to sit on as he shaves or cuts a patrons hair. After some research, I came across the name Emil J. Paidar, which happens to be the name that is cast into the ring. Has anyone seen or heard of a stool like this. I plan on selling it as I dont have room for both. Please email with any info. I Can email pics to anyone that would like to see it. Also I would entertain any offers.

  20. I am selling my vintage Emil J. Paidar Barbers chair STOOL on ebay. These stools are extremely rare.

  21. I have a Emil J. Paidar from 1961 and I’m look for the foot step in the front please email me.

  22. I have a Emil J. Paidar from 1961 and I’m look for the foot step in the front please email me.

  23. Hey angelo I have the emil paider footrest that ur looking for.

  24. I just bought all the contents of an old country store, and down in the basement is a child’s barber chair. It is chrome with red vinyl seat and back. I am having an estate sell there next week and have no clue how much it is worth. I can not find another one like it on any of the web pages I have been searching. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  25. I Have Two 1910-1918 pat. Koken Barber Chairs. They Are IN OUTSTANDING CONDITON! I still use them today in my shop!
    Im asking 4500 For Both or best offer!
    contact me at 706-400-8974
    i have pictures, as well as the pat. (pat not for sale)
    email at

  26. I have just acquired a Koch barber chair. I would like to talk with someone that does restoration on these. I am located in northeast Iowa so someone in Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois or Minnesota would be considered. Please let me hear from you. You can reach me at 563-880-4588 or

  27. Hello if your looking for finished Antique barber chairs or just searching for parts to take on your own project please give me a call. I have tons of chairs from the top 4 makers, Koken, Kochs, Paider & Belmont.


  28. I have a question about Koken being the first barber chair. I picked up a geo. w. Archer barber chair today from a friend to restore and the patened date is may 21 1878. are you sure about koken developing the chair in 1905? the research ive found is archer developing the first known barber chairs. im only asking because if what i have is a fake i dont want to waste to much time or money restoring it

  29. I have Koch barber chair that’s in pretty good conditon. The headrest relects a date of 1915. However, I need to know where the date and serial number is located on the chair itself. Can anyone help me out??

  30. hola. tengo una silla koken, de 1910 y tiene otra placa que dice que fue vendida a mexico por la tienda la perfumeria y mi silla es muy diferente a todas las que he visto porla forma de su base la mia no es redonda, tiene 4 patas en forma de diamante,està en perfectas condiciones,alguien que me diga en cuanto la puede vender? gracias

  31. I have a barber chair which is all cast iron and wood. The back has the original tooled leather on front and back. There is a stamp on the base that says ! Patente no. 8504 M. Bartholo Porto. I believe it dates back to 1859 or so! Any help with this. It is in excellent condition!

  32. Frank M. Hendricks

    I have just acquired a 1960s Belmont barber’s chair. It is in beautiful condition but it got tipped in moving and is leaking hydraulic fluid around the base. My question how do I replenish the fluid and how do I stop the leakage. Also looking for missing headrest.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.

  33. Just purchased a Hanson barber chair from early 1900’s. It appears something is broken under the chair, I think there may be a piece missing as well. If someone has one I would appreciate a photo of the underside of the chair so I can compare it to mine. Also..I need the hydraulics worked on…does the swivel function operate by hydraulics as well can’t get it to swivel.

  34. Hey if your looking for Antique barber chairs or just searching for parts to take on your own project please give me a call. I have tons of chairs from the top 4 makers, Koken, Kochs, Paider & Belmont.
    We replate, upholster, tuneup, ect…..

  35. Just bought two matching 69 koken barber chairs, can any one get me a ball park figure of what they can be worth. Very good condition vinyl and stainless. 100% working condition.

  36. FOR SALE!@ I have a Belmont barber chair, circa 1935. The brake, swivel, and hydraulics are in perfect working order. The headrest with the paper roll attachment is original. I purchased it from my barber of 40+ years. It was recently re-upholstered. It is an 8-9 on a scale of 10. i live in British Columbia, Canada (Vancouver area) 604-824-6094

  37. I recently purchased a new home and the previous owner left a koken premier barber chair and a rilling conditionaire ladies hair dryer in the basement. I don`t think the hair dryer is worth much and cannot seem to find any inormation regarding it. The barber chair however is in almost new condition. Everything works great, the only thing missing is the headrest. I looked under the seat and cannot tell if it is a 1983 or 1963 due to the ink in the stamp fading. What would this be worth? I have found similar ones online ranging from 500 – 6000 dollars. It is black and beige with crome, ashtrays in the armrest, foot rest, reclines and hydraulics work great. ………. HELP

  38. I posted earlier about the Koken Premier Chair left in my basement. Anybody with helpful info please email

  39. does anybody know a good repair specialist in the NYC area?

  40. Have a chair that was built by Emil J Paidar Company of Chicago. It is in excellent shape and the Hydraulics work fine. Will sell for $1,500.00 if interested let me know I will send pictures. Leaving for South America and do not care to move it again.

  41. i have 2 matching kokens. i think they are mid 30’s. they have round seats and inside the footrest, is stamped 34N. is this an indication they were build in november of ’34?

    nothing on the bottom of the seat except “chiselled” marks “XX1”. what does that mean?

    why is there a leather patch nailed in the center of the seat bottom? nothing seems to be written on or under it.

  42. I have a barber chair made by Belvedere # 51232, could someone tell me what yr it was made and how much it is worth?

  43. I have a wooden barber chair made by F.J. Coates that I would like to sell.
    The patent date is Aug. 20th,1867.
    It is a beautiful chair with swans carved into the arm rests.

    Contact me at if this sparks your curiosity.

  44. I have a Belmont with a serial number A69155 and a production date of 60919. How do I find out how old it is? My father in law gave it to me. The recline works great but the arm to pump the hydralics won’t move. I’ve tried to free it up with WD-40 but no luck. Any ideas?

  45. Hi. I have an antique barbers chairs, wrought iron, foot stool embossed with GEO.W Archer patened 1878. Although its in pretty good condition, do you think its worth spending the $ to restore? Any restoration tips to retain value?

  46. i have two chairs one is a koken, and the other is a
    e. berninghaus, they are both in poorer shape but not real real bad and everything is there on both chairs head rest and feet rest pumps work and one came with a booster seat, i was wondering the value on the two i think they are both from the 30’s or 40’s, and about how much would it be to restore or sell as is


  48. hve an old baber chair my father was an baber for years we sill hav his chair! good condition

  49. Big Johns Classic Restorations


    I acquired a Loius Hanson Barber chair a loooong time ago. I don’t know anything about them other than they are cool to own. I figure it’s about time to restore it. First of all, how do I date the chair? Where is the manufacturs plate located on the chair? This chair is in bad shape. I would like to restore it back to what it originally looked like from the factory. I.E restore the porceline(Enamel)?, hydraulics, castiron maybe nickel finish? Any place to obtain parts, historical data on this model? Pictures would be appreciated thank you in advance.


  50. bobby j
    Please send me pics @ also let me know where you are located.
    Thank you!

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