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Belmont Barber Chairs

Even nowadays, the Takara Belmont company has a very strong market share, selling Salon & Beauty chairs; also some dental equipment. The company was founded in Japan in 1921 by Mr. Hidenobu Yoshikawa.

They started selling Barber Chairs in Japan, but quickly started selling in the States, where there was a strong need for them.

You can find out what they do nowadays at their official page: http://www.takarabelmont.com/

If you are looking for a Belmont Barber Chair, these are the places to look:

  • Craiglist
  • Ebay
  • Local Antique Stores
  • Google (quite a big shop!)

You can find some Belmont barber chairs regarded as vintage or aged, that are sold for a very good price (for the seller, of course! ;-), but sometimes you can get a nice bargain, just keep looking!

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  1. My name is Jamie and I have this antique barber chair in mint condition. It is gorgeous and very intricate and detailed. Identical ones go for 3500- 5000 but I am looking to be feasible on a price, maybe 1200? Let me know if your interested in a photo!

  2. I.am looking for belmont barber chairs. I am in Portland Or. I will pay for.shipping from almost anywere if you have the right chair or chairs. I am lookong for 4 total and will buy the m separatly. Let me know thank you. Tyler

    • tyler’ I have a belmont barber chair from the 1950’s
      it has stainless steel armrests that from the side look like the tail fins on a 1957 chevy I’m sure you know this model . The hydro’s work has the headrest the badges even the ash tray .

      Let me know if you are
      still looking for chairs

    • I have an original Belmont barber chair with extra headrest and foot step. I’m in SE Portland! There is a tear in the seat (taped up,) but the hydralics work great! Make an offer! Heather at wolfstix1@msn.com or (503) 819-3435

    • I just got a vintage Belmont chair and live in SE Portland. Let me know if your still looking. No pics vet but should have some soon. 503-319-7448

    • I have but don’t know anything about them

    • I have one from the Belmont hotel in Abbeville s.c 1901 olds hotel in Abbeville

  3. Padair and Koken Barber Chairs were excellent but Belmont Barber Chairs were made for little people Because if a big man [350-400 lbs] stepped on the foot board with all his weight would brake and the metal the chair was made from could not be welded back successfully–You had to get another footboard or throw the chair away. I have seen this happen more than once–

  4. I need someone in Chicago to restore 5 Belmont 1950’s barber chairs.Hydraulics work fine but bases have rust and they all need reupholstered. Thanks!

  5. I just picked up a belmont chair all original mint condition with all attachments does any know what the price range is for the value

  6. I have an antique takara barberchair for sale. Its been rechromed and reupholstered. In So.California. please email if interested.

    • Hi wanted to know if you still had the chair for sale?
      How much are you willing to sell it for?
      Also do you have any pictures of the chair?
      Where is the chair located?

  7. I’am looking for antique belmont barber chairs(the big body ones, in red and white).Iam located in long island,ny

  8. Andy, I have an old Belmont chair if you’re interested. I am also in Long Island. Let me know

  9. I’m looking for two Belmont handles. I believe the chairs are from the 50’s. Can anyone help me? 3039953311

    • what is the style? I have a chair I am parting out the lot of parts.

      • I need a headrest, foot rest and pump handle for a 1950’s Belmont barber chair that I am restoring. Call me at 786-210-2650 (Danny)

    • I have an old belmont in my shop. Please call randy 619 997-8894 It is in San Diego. It is not complete but it is a really good one. I dont have a photo yet but soon. Make me an offer and its yours. 619 997 8894 anytime

  10. For Sale in NH: ($2800.00) VINTAGE ALL ORIGINAL TAKARA-BELMONT BARBER CHAIR, Red. Has headrest. Full working condition, reclines, chair will raise, lower, spin. This is in good condition and has sat in my bar for years untouched. Please email me (jpbttf@yahoo.com) with questions and or for pictures if you are seriously interested.
    I will assit in a freight pick up, (you set up) or available for local pick up.
    This is a non returnable item, it is being sold as is.

  11. I have a belmont chair for sale text or call and i can send you picks the chair is located in atlanta ga ….everything on it works and is in need of new upholstry but is a great chair price is 900 plus shipping if you want it shipped…please call anytime 321-458-0428

  12. I have 4 Belmont barber chairs. I am interested in selling. They all work. Could be from the 60s era as they were purchased in the late 60s second hand. Might be a little older. They have been reupholstered at one time and are in need of it again. One has the original style headrest, the other 3 have modified headrests. These have been in the same shop for the last 43 years working a way. Send me an email if interested, 327736@gmail.com

  13. We have a Takara Belmont Barber Chair model m54…..does anyone know anything about it or where I can find information about it?

    • I have 2 model M-55 belmont barber chairs in my shop I bought new in 1972 they are electric. My chairs do not have a conventional foot rest, but the seat and leg portion looks like a dentist chair. I have had them reupholstered twice. They have given excellent service.

  14. i have a 1950’s belmont 4 sale
    email 4 pics
    or text 917-553-1619

  15. I have a 1950’s Belmont Barber Chair with headrest in Toronto, Canada.

    Hydraulics need some oil, chrome needs some attention and seat upholstery (dark red colour) needs some minor repair at seams.

    Please email if interested ( ideally if located in the GTA)

    albemarlehouse at yahoo.ca

  16. I have a belmont barber chair that I’m looking to sell. If youre interested, email me for pics. It’s gold metallic colored upholstery.

  17. I’m in search to purchase 1 or more Belmont Barber Chairs (1950-1980 Style). I’m located in California, Los Angeles. If anybody reads this and has 1 or more not far from the area please contact me. Thanks.

  18. I have three red belmont barber chairs. Please contact me. stidger@msconstruction.us

  19. i have a 1936 belmont chair good condition work good

  20. u can email at atozroofing@yahoo.com

  21. Hi, Anyone know where I might find a replacement recline mechanism for a Belmont model 993? thanks for looking.

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  23. I have 3 Belmont barber chairs 1950-1960
    I believe. In remarkable shape and excellent working condition. I’m in Toronto, Canada
    Please email if interested


  25. I have a Belmont Barber Chair that has been in my basement where I grew up under a cloth for almost 20years, leather in mint conditon. If anyone is interested please email me at dsecurlym3@yahoo.com Its Black and silver or chrome. FootRest says BELMONT, very nice. Or you can call me at 732-277-6215, pictures available Tuesday November 20, 2012

  26. I have two red Belmont barber chairs in good condition in my salon. I might want to sell. 512-825-3683

  27. I have a Belmont 929 for sale

  28. I have a RED Belmont Barber chair I am selling. I may put it on eBay, but if anyone is interested, please contact me. It was at one time reupholstered. The chrome is good, I do not think it was rechromed. There is no headreast and no “leg” that goes on the bottom of the footrest. The hook for the strap is on the chair and the ashtray is present, but the lid is gone. The chair is very clean. I got it in a trade when I sold my salon in 1997. It was only used as a wax station for years before and has been in my home and unused since.

    Here is my photoalbum url: https://picasaweb.google.com/110659378961551975257/BELMONTBARBERCHAIR

  29. I have a 1957 Takara Belmont Chair for sale.
    The previous owner removed the the Hydraulic pump handle and changed to a foot pedal system.
    I live in San Diego, and will sell it for $700.
    I have no more room for it, and the upper chair is in good condidtion. Please reply to my email, as I need to sell quick

  30. looking for belmont takara bb-225 model please contact me if you have any

  31. 1957 Takara Belont Barbers Chair for sale.
    Hey everyone.
    I’m gonna start to part out the Barbers chair, unless I get a Buyer soon for my chair.
    Please email me at swc2@cox.net if you would like to make an offer. I will take $600 for the chair,.



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  33. I have 2 matching 1936controller Belmont in great original condition. Yellow with chrome. Hydros work, has ashtrays and all. 1 is just missing a headrest. Im in Georgia, text for pictures. Will ship if you pay for it. 912-256-3438

  34. In midland texas looking for a chair please contact me if u have one

  35. Hello I am looking for 4 Belmont 929 barber chairs. I love vintage 50’s belmonts. My barber shop is located in Portland Oregon. But I can have them shipped. I am ok if the look get similar to this chair. But the Belmont 929 is the particular chair is exactly what I want.

  36. Hello I am looking for 4 Belmont 929 barber chairs. I love vintage 50’s belmonts. I live in Vancouver, Washington. But I can have them shipped. I am ok if the look get similar to this chair. But the Belmont 929 is the particular chair is exactly what I want.

  37. Can someone please point me in the right direction !!! I’m searching for a right side long hinge. I’m in Vegas, but I’ll pay for shipping grow wherever

  38. Takara Belmont

  39. I have a Belmont barber chair with electric automatic hydraulic lift and back massage. Everything works good. Does anybody have any idea what it’s worth and how I can find them on the Internet. I can’t seem to find anything on Internet on it.

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  41. I inherited a 1950 black Belmont barber chair about 15 years ago. It’s in excellent condition. Has headrest and bowl attachment and even the original long leather strap that my friend gave me for good luck before he died. Hydraulics are in excellent condition. It’s time to say goodbye to it.

  42. I’m selling a Belmont Takara barber chair hydraulics are excellent newly reupholstered cheer has both original cigarette holder pieces it does not have ashtray asking $1500,

    for more info call 2003 526 5352

  43. i came across a belmont electric barber chair serial number 60061733 id like to know the year if someone can tell me

  44. Michael p. Murphy

    HI I’m looking for a (HEADREST) that for my yr.1950 Takara Belmont no.5 the post or 1″3/4 in. center to center any info please contact me at – mmurphy6141@yahoo.com thank you

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