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Belmont Barber Chair

One of the best and affordable barber chair is the Belmont Barber Chair. These barber chairs are very common in some areas of North America. They became very popular during the 1950s and are still being used today in some barber shops in the USA, Canada and Latin America. The sad thing is that these chairs are becoming rare due to the growing number of barber shops that are closing out.

These barber chairs are a product of the Belmont company, a multinational company that is founded in Japan. Belmont produces high quality barber chairs. The Belmont barber chair is a widely used product in salons and barber shops around the world. Furthermore, Belmont also produces a variety of other chairs that are requisitions of barbershops.

Takara Belmont is famous for its high quality products and barber chair designs. Traditional chairs are the msot popular, especially in the UK. Nowadays, they are making more modern designs that will surely capture the hearts of many. A Belmont barber chair is also comfortable to sit on. This is very important in barbershops because it allows the client to stay relaxed while having his haircut session.

If you’re looking for a Belmont barber chair, you can easily find one online. There are many web sites that sell these chairs. If you are not too familiar with the different models of their barber chairs, you can visit their website. An antique barber chair from Belmont are also sought after by many antique collectors.

Their newer models can satisfy barbers who are looking for a more contemporary style in their barber shops. Aside from this, new era barber chairs from Belmont are made to bring more comfort and convenience to barbers and clients alike.


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  1. I have a old Balmont , look and work great , look to sell for the right price

  2. I have an older Takara Belmont chair for sale. it’s on Craigslist in Myrtle Beach, SC, Interest parties may e-mail me.

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