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All You Want to Know About Barber Chairs

Barber chairs are a-must if you own a barbershop because this is where the client usually sits down in order to receive his haircut. Without a barber chair your barber shop will be useless and will be very uncomfortable. Do you know that barber chairs started in Rome during 296 B.C and used as a place for gossip? It is an image for gossip back in the early days in Rome. Barber chairs before have elegant designs and often looks like a throne for kings and queens, but now in our modern days, the use of barber chairs have been modernized and used mainly for barber shops.

There are different barber chairs in the market today, the traditional one, facial chairs, all-purpose chairs and European types of chairs. The traditional one has hydraulics which will enable the barber to navigate the chair in an upward or downward movement for more convenience and more comfort for the barber and for the client as well. The all-purpose chairs are usually smaller than the usual barber chairs and are often used in salons. The facial chairs used in Spas are originally barber chairs. This particular type of chair gives you the option to recline the chair for a more comfortable facial while the European style is made in a more elegant look and comes with a headrest.

Barber chairs are often made from vinyl or leather with chrome sidings. It can also be fully rotated for comfort and convenience. There are also vintage barber chairs that obviously come in a very high price. These are usually collectibles and are made to be an adornment in a home or an establishment. You can also have this in your barber shop as display to give more personality in your barber shop and to draw customers as well.

If you are planning to purchase barber chairs there are used barber chairs that you can buy for a cheaper price but this kind of chair is not widely preferred due to its condition. That is why barber shop owners prefer buying through the Internet or any barber shop suppliers in the area because this way they are perfectly assured that the chair is in good and new condition.

Barber chairs are very essential in a barber shop so equip yours with some. You can start from the traditional ones because these are cheaper than other types. The Internet is the best place to search for barber chairs because it will provide you with more options and variety. Make sure that you are checking a particular website that is near your area so you can have it delivered because it will be very difficult to have it shipped when you look for barber chairs in far areas and it will be very expensive too.

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  1. I have a picture of my Paidar chair and I don’t know what yar it is. Can some body look at it and give me a ball park?

  2. I am trying to find out some information on my barber chair.
    It is a E. Berninghaus Patent date May 8 1901. I am tying to find out about the hydraulics and what pieces I am missing.
    Any help would be great.


  3. John chege michael.

    I bought a reliance barbers chair on an auction for my barber shop two years ago and i been using it trouble free until yesterday when it dropped down and it won’nt rise.I suspect it has run out of hydraulic oil because after opening the motor top cover,its dry.Could this be the problem?
    Help me via that email and i will appreciate.
    Thanks Chege Nairobi Kenya.

  4. New York based Restoration artist,
    Custom Barber Chairs
    Parts for Koken, Kochs, Belmont, Paider.
    Plateing, Chrome, Nickle,
    We also sell Antique Barber Chairs

  5. Hello,

    When refilling my Koken chair with oil, how much should I put in?

    PS: I was planning on using hydraulic oil. is this advisable?


  6. My grandfather had a Civil War era barber chair when I was a boy and I vaguely remember that there was some story associated with removable arms/sex.

  7. Have a Hanson 1909 barber chair. If anyone has information on how to put the handle, foot rest, and head rest on, please email me. If you even have a picture or two that you could share would be halpful. My hubby took it apart many years ago and can’t get everything back on now. Thanks!


  9. My friend has a very old barber chair that belonged to his father, the base (raising & lowering) is wood the only markings we can find on it is “ARCHER MFG. CO. ROCHESTER NY USA”. I have pictures if anyone can give me any idea of the age and value I would greatly appreciate the help!

  10. dear sir
    where can i purchase hydraulic fluid for a 1960 koken barber chair? and what kind of fluid is it
    thank you bob

  11. I have an old berninghaus barber chair that needs the piece that makes it recline, can anyone show me a picture of that piece. Thank you, Patty

  12. Is there an easy way to move the koken to move these heavy chairs?

  13. I have a old koken barber chair that the oil has been drained out for shipping purposes and I’ve recently bought it. what kind of oil do I refill with? how much oil do I use? and where is the refill hole on chair?

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