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  1. I am registered with your website, how do i remove a listing once it is sold?



  2. I have a chair I purchased from a garage sale in Portugal. Which lead me to believe it is European. The chair is iron with a wood embossed back. The seat is wood embossed and finished on both sides, reversible. The chair will recline and the head rest can be moved up and down. Can any one help me to identify the chair. It has no marking that I can find. Thank You.

  3. Does anyone have a tip on how to release the hydraulic in a chair that’s stuck in its highest vertical position? Also, it won’t swivel. This is a Belmont barber chair cerca 1950-1960.

  4. want to know how old my barber chair is serial number is 501700021

  5. sorry forgot the type its a Belmont

  6. I am Mr.Paul and would like to order(Antique Chair ) and what would be the price for each unit so that i can Quote you with the Quantity i want to order..Also what type of payment do you accept,Thank you and reply ASAP

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  8. I have a F&F Hoenigkramer “Reliance” Chiropractic chair. The serial no is 42005. It is in good condition and I want to sell it. Can you connect me with any buyers?

  9. I am thinking of getting an old barber chair. I found an Emil j Paidar chair. It reclines, but I am not sure if it doesn’t elevate and lower or if it was not made to do these functions. Does any one know? If I were to get the chair, does anyone know a store in the Southwest where repairs could be done?

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