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3 Things You Should Know Before You Buy Used Barber Chairs

Used barber chairs are the main choice for barbers who are on a low budget. When it comes to these barber chairs, one must not expect too much from it. You will find that some of them very much show that they are already used, consider yourself lucky if you come across something that looks new.

When it comes to used barber chairs, there are some things that you should consider:


  1. Condition of the barber chair
  2. Function of the barber chair
  3. Type and style of barber chair


These three things are very important and should always be kept in mind.

Since you are looking for used barber chairs, it might not be in a good condition. If you are okay with it, you can get it but you will need to restore it. There are antique barber chair parts that you can find today that will help you restore it. On the other hand, not everyone is okay with restoring barber chairs, most of them wants them in good condition to lessen the hassle of restoration. That is why when you are looking for used barber chairs, don’t just look at pictures online. You have to see it with your own eyes, in the flesh. This way, you can inspect the barber chair thoroughly and you can make sure that it’s in good condition.

The function of the barber chair is very important as well. Looking for used barber chairs simply means that you will only have limited choices to choose from. When it comes to its function, you have to first determine why you need a barber chair and where you will use it. There are reclining barber chairs that are perfect for salons while there are some that comes with a hydraulic mechanism. However, there are barber chairs that don’t have hydraulics. That is why you must know these things in order for you to find the best barber chair for you.

Lastly, the type and style of used barber chairs should be considered. You may come across an antique barber chair. Such barber chairs have elaborate details that can add to its cost. The craftmanship of antique barber chairs can be very costly. Remember that there are different types and styles of barber chairs so you will need to familiarize yourself with the various types and styles.



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  2. I just bought a Paidar Barber chair and when I moved it, it leaked around the top of the base. Is this natural or should I check the seals?

    • It is a pretty common occurrence, especially if you tilted the chair by using a hand truck. Loss of a small amount only will reduce the height that the chair will pump up.

      On most chairs, you can refill by removing the seat cushion, remove the central access plate. You will likely be looking directly down into the oil reservoir. Overfill may cause flood when the chair drops to the bottom position, when the pump mechanism displaces the oil.

      Easier to pump the oil out, use the hand truck, and then refill next time on major moves. Or, use pallet and pallet jack. MCB

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