Antique Barber Chairs

Antique barber chairs are becoming ever more popular among collectors. Truth be told, there are not so many available these days. If you are interested in owning one either for your business or your home, you will probably have to do a little more research on the Internet. This site aims to bring together antique barber chair enthusiasts so that you’ll have a place to discuss anything about the subject.

As you probably know, the first barber chair was developed by Ernest Koken in 1906. Allowing the barber to adjust the chair, depending on the height of the person, may seem like a simple process. Interestingly, it was a total innovation at that time. In addition, the barber could also turn the custome using a swivel. Both the footrest and the reclining back were a welcome addition. All these features were very handy to the barber at some point in the beginning of the 19th century.


What Makes Antique Barber Chairs So Special?

It’s difficult to tell, but there’s something magical about an old barber chair. You can sit on one, close your eyes, and imagine yourself getting a haircut one hundred years ago. That nostalgic feeling is simply irresistible. They are also stylish (not like the chairs you’ll find at modern hair salons nowadays). And believe it or not, these barber chairs are really comfortable even if they were made over a century ago!


The Most Famous Barber Chairs

As mentioned previously, the first barber chair was built by Koken. Therefore, antique Koken barber chairs are usually the most popular as well as the most valuable. Other well known brands are Koch, Belmont, Emil J. Paidar, and Weber.


Where Can I Buy An Antique Barber Chair?

If you’re lucky, somebody near you might have one for sale. Quite often, you will have to look for these kinds of barber chair at auctions and antique shops.


How Much Do They Cost?

It would typically depend on the brand, the state of the barber chair, and the materials used among others. Prices normally range from a few hundred bucks to several thousand dollars.


Original or Replica?

If you want to save some money, you can always go for the replica. Although it’s also kind of magical to sit on an original antique barber chair and imagine that your great grandfather would have been sitting on it.

If you want to learn more, hang out with fellow collectors.

Click here to go to our Antique Barber Chairs Forum about and leave your message!


If you are looking to buy or sell a chair, chick here to visit the marketplace and post your ad


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